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Whether you’re talking about Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight Zone or any other futuristic type show, one thing is certain, the human race is fascinated by what tomorrow may bring.

Libraries are stocked with countless dozens of writers speculative thoughts on the future. Astronomers and stargazers have looked into the heavens for centuries wondering and dreaming of the world that may someday be.

The cars of tomorrow are no exception and nothing stirs excitement quite like what those vehicles may look like in the near or distant future.

One such awe inspiring concept is the Mercedes Benz Vision Gran Turismo. This car redefines what sleek and sexy could mean in an automobile. It’s one of the few instances when reality is far better than virtual.
Preliminary plans have it equipped with a 5.5 liter twin turbo, a dual clutch transmission and the Luke Skywalker version of holographic Heads Up Display.

Mercedes Vision Gran turismo

Another future possibility is the Toyota FT-1 Concept in Graphite, Will Toyota actually build this car? Maybe, although it seems like a bit of a stretch at the moment.

A better question would be should they build it? The answer is, of course. Throughout the year on our national “Horsepower for an Hour” broadcast we continually wait and hope for some sizzle from our friends at Toyota. This FT-1 concept would certainly fulfill our wishes and would certainly have been worth the wait.

The front end has a bit of a Bugatti type look, the vented doors are too cool and we love the overall supercar look.


The folks at Lincoln have been busy toying with the all new Lincoln Continental concept car for quite some time and the car that we see here will in all likelihood be the one we see roll into the showrooms sometime in late 2016.

There will no doubt be some that will find fault with the front wheel drive platform but given the fact that the engine will most likely be either the 2.7 or the 3.0 liter eco boost we think those who initially snub it will ultimately grow to love it.

The six speed transmission now being considered may eventually be replaced with the new nine or ten speed automatic currently being developed and if all wheel drive is offered it’ll be a grand slam for the Blue Oval

Continental Concept 1

We finish up our look at the cars of tomorrow with what has become one of our favorites here at horsepower Broadcasting. It’s the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept vehicle.

We can’t remember ever being as impressed by any concept vehicle as we’ve been by this one. There are several reasons but the first and foremost is because this car could easily hit the showrooms just as we see it pictured here. Another impressive bit of technology is the exclusive BMW contact analogue heads up display system, the bridge of the Starship Enterprise immediately comes to mind.


Whether these cars are ever ultimately built and sold as we see them (or even remotely close to it) remains a mystery. But, it’s hard to deny being excited about what the future may hold.

For us here at Horsepower Broadcasting it’ll always be “Second star to the right, and on into morning”

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