Dodge Challenger heads to the drag Strip


Ford did it with the Mustang, Chevy did it with the Camaro and now the circle is complete with Dodge offering the All-New version of the Challenger Drag Pak for the NHRA Sportsman class.

The Challenger has always been a muscle car icon here in this country and all of us here at Horsepower Broadcasting really like this newest version of it. Dodge sent us the spec sheets on it recently and it is impressive.

There are two available engine options:

The first is a 5.8 liter supercharged V8 or a cool 426 Hemi (7.0 liter) that’s naturally aspirated, either way Dodge tells us you can expect to get through the quarter mile in about 8 seconds.

As of this writing, Dodge has not released actual Horsepower ratings for either engine, but speculation has them kicking out 650 to 750 ponies.

The 426 gets both an aluminum block and aluminum heads while the 354 (5.8 liter) Supercharged version gets a cast iron block and both models get custom engine calibration files

Folks who know drag racing know that winning is about far more than just raw horsepower and the folks at Dodge definitely know a thing or two about racing and winning. Chrysler’s performance division updated the four-link rear suspension and added a four-inch rear axle from Strange Engineering.

The entire suspension is refined and two of the best parts for us here at Horsepower Broadcasting were the nine inch differential and the race proven, time tested, Torqueflite 727 transmission.

The Torqueflite has been around for quite some time and is one of the toughest, most durable transmissions ever designed. In fact, Dodge used the basic design of the 727 for more than 40 years incorporating the basic platform through 2008 in their durable 47RE and 48RE truck transmissions. You know a design works well to get that kind of attention.

The transmission in this newest Challenger gets a unique and specific torque converter and the hydraulic control system is equally impressive.

The aluminum rear-axle differential housing has been strengthened and both the rear shocks and front struts can be adjusted for rebound and compression. The super light 15-inch wheels get super-sticky Hoosier drag radials, with nine inches of tread in back and a little over four inches of rubber in the front.

Inside, there’s an NHRA-spec roll cage, Racepak instrumentation and Sparco racing seats. On the outside, the 5.8 liter supercharged models get blue stickers while the big 426 models get black stickers.

One thing is certain, this newest Challenger is the coolest, baddest and best built version to come out of the Mopar garage in some time and definitely worthy of our admiration.

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