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Here at Horsepower for an Hour ( we often hear folks tell us they are surprised that the engine is low on oil, just 3500 miles after the last oil change. While many manufacturers tell you that’s normal oil usage (especially in newer cars where manufacturers are doing all they can to improve mpg) our question here is more basic and fundamental and that is:

Why do you wait 3500 miles to check the engine oil level? Why is it car owners seem reluctant to occasionally inspect the oil dipstick? It can’t be the time it takes to do the job, after all, how long does it take pop the hood and pull the dipstick? One minute, maybe two?

After giving this some serious thought, one theory is that owners don’t want to look under the hood, because they fear something else will be discovered that will require attention. In these modern times our schedule seems to be always fully booked and few of us have extra time to fit in a visit to the local repair shop. So if we don’t look at the oil dipstick, don’t ever pop the hood, then out of sight, out of mind.

Another reason may be that people have bought into the “notion” that modern cars are maintenance-free.
Today we have 100,000 spark plugs, lifetime Transmission Fluid (yeah right) extended oil change intervals, etc.

We suppose it’s natural to think that some people who are not car-savvy understand it to mean that modern cars don’t need any kind of maintenance whatsoever between scheduled services.
We know that many people don’t check their tire pressures so it’s not surprising that those same people also don’t pop the hood, probably never will, some may have no idea what their engine actually looks like.

Here at Horsepower Broadcasting, we strongly recommend taking those few moments every other fill up to take a peek at engine oil level.
A leak will never send you an email or text alerting you it’s about to happen so don’t risk serious engine damage…get on the stick!

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Donny is a Southern California specialty shop owner with primary emphasis on transmission and differential systems. He is an automotive technology graduate with over 30 years of experience. He and his wife own DMC Transmission outside of Los Angeles and were awarded “Shop of the Year” honors in 2010 and 2011.

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