Our Top Car Picks for 2015


Frequently, we’re asked, “What cars do you guys recommend?” There is no easy answer. Each person has his or her own requirements; some prefer performance and acceleration while others are interested fuel economy.

Throughout the year we drive almost every vehicle model produced. Some really stand out while others are less than memorable.

To please all factions, we’ve created the list below of our Top Guns for 2015.

Beginning with the Full-Sized models, we like the 2015 Chevy Impala.

Chevy Impala 2015

For years we paid little attention to the Impala. This newest Impala is a winner however. In our opinion it easily outperforms the Toyota and the Lexus. The interior is large, roomy and comfortable. The most pleasant surprise is the suspension. It is remarkably responsive and supple without the body roll that you find in other large cars. The engine is responsive with the six-speed electronic transmission perfectly geared to the weight of the car. A nicely equipped model runs about $35,000, which is inexpensive in today’s economy.

In the Luxury car category, the Audi A6 wins easily and it’s Spence’s overall favorite!

Audi A6 2015 TDI

This car seemingly has it all; fantastic styling and exhilarating performance. The suspension is crisp and responsive and feels like an exotic sports car. At the same time we really liked the comfort of the interior. The powertrain is a perfect blend of performance and reliability and the weight distribution across the platform makes for confident cornering. If you haven’t checked out Audi lately, get down to your local showroom. We’re certain you’ll be surprised.

In the mid-sized sedan category, we liked the all-new Subaru Legacy.

Subaru Legacy 2015 silver

Subaru is a company that is quietly overtaking the competition. Every model we test drove, including the new BR-Z, was a blast but this Legacy has it all. Subarus used to be practical and pragmatic cars. Today, they are fun to drive with great styling combine with reliability and excellent fuel economy making it the Horsepower for anHour mid sized category winner.

In the Minivan category the hands down favorite is the Honda Odyssey.

Every year, the Odyssey is our favorite for its versatility, reliability and comfort. It’s a “conference room on wheels” that corners with confidence. The engine and transmission perfectly match the size and weight of the vehicle. It seats eight passengers comfortably. The only thing we wish Honda would do differently is to offer it with All Wheel Drive. Despite that, it’s one of the best values on the market.

We’ll highlight our favorite trucks in a future post.

Got a favorite of your own? Hit us with a text at the studio 877-209-4480. You’ll automatically be entered to win some Horsepower for an Hour swag.

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