Horsepower for an Hour Show


Hour One

Seg 1: The all new Audi S7 is incredible from top to bottom, we’ll look at some of the refinements this newest edition. The 2016 Mercedes A Class is not the best looking nor the best performing, yet it continues to be a popular choice for some…

Seg 2: Spence’s News and Views

Seg 3: Jim Naylor’s world of Motorsports, today we’re talkin’ Formula 1 and what the next few years may look like. Is it time to slow down Indycars? Are they going too fast or do we need to change the race tracks?

Seg 4: Dodge Barracuda definitely on the way but still no release date. Speculation is mid-2016. We’ll look at what to expect… Clash of the Classics. Today the 1972 Lincoln Mark 4 battles the 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Hour Two

Seg 5: Spotlight on Custom and Classic builds. Today we’ll look at carburetors vs fuel injection, which is the best choice for your project

Seg 6: Spences News and Views

Seg 7: Jim Naylors world of motorsports: Today we’ll ask the question…” Has the time passed for the shade treed mechanic? Are we getting to the point when a qualified technicians will be required for even the simplest services?

Seg 8: Today we’ll explore EDR (Event data recorders) and PDR (Performance data recorders). You can turn one off, the other you cannot. We’ll find out why

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