2016 Buick Regal Gets Sticker Shave


The Buick of Yesterday

Buick logo on white bkgrd smallWe’ve talked about it before and we’ll say it again, today’s Buick, is not necessarily our favorite make of carline, but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time, long ago when Buick was a trendsetter with models like the Wildcat, the Roadmaster and the Riviera. Cars that had definite style, uniqueness and character and were easily recognizable regardless of where they were seen.
Buick Nailhead engineWhen it came to the Buick V8, who can forget the Buick 430 big block, it was only produced from 1967 to 1969 but certainly developed a reputation for bottom end strength, the monster 455 delivering an industry leading 510 lb feet of torque or the 401 Nailhead engine? In it’s day it was impressive producing somewhere near 445 lb feet of torque, hence the Wildcat 445 moniker, (see Nailhead ) oh yes, those were the days.

Today’s Buick

Here today Buick paints somewhat of a different picture with commuter type vehicles like the Encore, the Verano and the LaCrosse. The SUV model is the Enclave and is probably our favorite in the entire lineup, the 3.6 liter V6 isn’t a poser and there’s no clever moniker throwback designed by some creative thinker in the marketing department, (i.e the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO)
Buick-Avenir-Concept-There are two highly anticipated models set to release soon, the all new Cascada and the Avenir and while neither of these two additions will necessarily be reminders of performance days long since past they do offer uniqueness nonetheless. The Cascada is a compact design that seems to have great looks and handles exceptionally well. The Avenir is a fantastic looking car with a touch of class and charm that’s certain to ignite interests from those looking to travel in style.

All New Buick Regal

The Regal is the model that most effectively hearkens back to a better time for most Buick loyalists and although there’s no semblance of a 375 horsepower big block V8 anywhere in sight, the outward appearance of the newest Regal is somewhat easy on the eyes. There is a problem however, and the Buick-Regal-Front 2016 title picproblem (at least here in the United States) is the Regal is aging and sales are declining. But, let’s give the folks behind the tri-shield some credit, they realize consumers are continuing to abandon mid size and large sedans in favor of crossovers and SUV’s and are responding by lowering prices as much as nearly 9 percent on the car for 2016. With more favorable pricing to help encourage sales, Buick hopes to reignite interest and appeal to a larger audience of American buyers.
 Production of an all new Regal and a new Grand National is rumored to begin in mid-2017 and is expected to grow a bit larger to create more space between it and the smaller Verano, for the here and now, the price of the Regal GS has been reduced by $3,320 for 2016 and Buick is further reducing the car to 4 trim levels.
See Automotive News for more details
Buick Regal grand national 2017For us here at Horsepower Broadcasting, we’d love to see a 5th trim level and while we do understand GM is not pursuing a performance lineup,  It sure seems like there could be (should be) at least one performance model in the showroom, maybe one with a 3.6 liter twin turbo or a 6.2 liter supercharged V8?  Hey, it could happen… maybe it will be in the upcoming Grand National, we sure hope so…

Horsepower for an Hour is a nationally syndicated automotive talk radio show heard all across America and in more than 172 Countries world wide

Horsepower for an Hour is a nationally syndicated automotive talk radio show heard all across America and in more than 172 Countries world wide

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