2015 Porsche Cayman Came an’ Conquered

Few cars are able to ignite passion quite the way Porsche can, from the 918 Spyder to the entry level Boxster to the all-new Porsche Cayman, Porsche seems to have the recipe for excitement pretty well laced up.
Our Horsepower Broadcasting team frequently meets at Rusnak Porsche here in Southern California as Rusnak is one of our nation’s premiere Porsche dealers and anytime we get together with those folks, there’s never a dull moment.

Rusnak dealership

2015 Porsche Cayman

This time, we were looking, specifically, at the all-new 2015 Porsche Cayman and while some may claim it’s the 911’s little brother, we feel it’s very much in a class by itself. The newest 911s seem to be getting a bit larger and more luxurious (although they are still plenty quick) while the Cayman continues to be the consummate sports coupe.Porsche Cayman 2015

It’s mid engine layout provides outstanding balance across the platform and the handling is crisp and precise while remaining somewhat compact with what we feel are outstanding good looks. In fact, the more I look at the Cayman, the more I like the styling. The lines are smooth and the curves flow down over the low nose in a way that seem to beckon you inside. The rear stance of the car is aggressive and the rear fascia wraps around subtly, yet muscular.

Cayman Interior

Porsche Cayman 2015 interiorInside, the interior is reminiscent of a fighter jet cockpit, while at the same time, comfortable and extremely well laid out. The gauges in the instrument panel are easy to locate and the console and infotainment areas are well planned and very ergonomic. The seats are plenty comfortable, while at the same time, offering rigid support in just the right places. While admittedly, we did not spend hours behind the wheel of the Cayman, we certainly could have with no lower leg or lumbar fatigue, this car is definitely built to be driven.

Cayman Powertrain

Porsche-Cayman-GT4-Engine-ReviewThe 2015 Cayman offers three engine choices and it’s under the hood where the magic happens. The base Cayman comes with a 2.7 liter flat six cylinder kicking out 275 horsepower. The Cayman S has the 3.4 liter flat six producing 325 horsepower; and the GTS gets the 340 horsepower version of the 3.4 liter. A six speed manual and the world class seven-speed PDK dual clutch transmissions are available for all models. For us, there’s not a better transmission, nor has there ever been a better transmission than Porsche’s PDK dual clutch transmission. We spent considerable time last year at the Powertrain expo in Las Vegas, looking at transmission designs from almost every manufacturer on the planet, including Graziano and trust us folks, the PDK is king.
The all-new 2016 Cayman GT4 is yet another story of manufacturing dominance. It gets the fire-breathing 3.8 liter 385 horsepower engine normally found in the 911 Carrera S with a top speed of 183 mph. The suspension is redesigned and there are several other refinements for this limited 2016 model, but for now, we’ll have to save that review for another day.

The 2015 Cayman is truly a sports car fit for even the toughest critic and few vehicle manufacturers can boast the success that Porsche has achieved with virtually every model they offer.

Rusnak Porsche in Westlake

Keith GoldbergRusnak Porsche recently delivered one of the finest cars in the world, a 918 Spyder and while we weren’t able to be there for the delivery of one of their crowning moments, we have been there for several others. Special thanks to Keith Goldberg for his continued graciousness and openness with all of their product inventory…who says you have to go south to find Southern Hospitality…

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