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Toyota’s Lackluster Past

Anyone who’s listened to our nationally syndicated “Horsepower for an Hour” show for any length of time knows immediately that we’ve poked fun at Toyota once or twice for delivering a largely lackluster product lineup. Sure, when it comes to reliability and dependability, Toyota has been the go-to guys for quite some time, but in terms of sensational or spectacular models, suffice it to say there’s been an obvious void.

Toyota C-HR Concept

Toyota C-HR 1Well, that might be changing soon as Toyota may be planning to launch a new crossover model and it certainly has a sensational look. The all-new concept CUV is called the Toyota C-HR Concept vehicle, and it definitely has a uniqueness we’ve not seen up to this point. The design is deliberately atypical in a crowded SUV segment and a valiant effort has been made to counter a bland, unremarkable style. One thing is sure however, the new Toyota C-Hr Concept definitely stands out in a crowd.

Will we see hydrogen power?

It’s unknown at this time what powertrain will be under the hood, but it seems a hydrogen fuel cell of some sort would be a safe bet, if not then look for a turbocharged 4 cylinder with a 9 or 10 speed transmission and possibly be available in all-wheel drive. It’s also unknown at the moment if the all-new Toyota C-HR Concept will be available to us here in America or if it will be an overseas issue only.

Toyota C-HR conceptIt sits high with an aggressive hatchback shape and if it actually goes into production Toyota will in all likelihood have a hit with the buying public. While no release date has been offered, if it becomes a reality, speculation has it set for sometime around 2020.

Toyota’s aggressive FT-1 Concept

One thing is certain, all of us here at Horsepower Broadcasting are excited about the direction Toyota is heading in with respect to exterior design and we applaud CEO Akio Toyoda and design crew for the bold new moves. Another chart topping concept from the folks at Toyota is the FT-1 Concept. We got a chance to see the car many are calling the “New Supra” out at last years SEMA show and it is definitely a head turner. (See HorsepowerOnline Concepts).

toyota-ft-1-concept-graphiteWe’ll continue to keep an watchful eye on Toyota, they certainly have our attention with some of their new and innovative ideas. From the the Toyota C-HR Concept to the Toyota FT-1 Concept to the all-new 10 speed automatic transmission set to debut in 2017, Toyota may indeed (as their slogan suggests) be going places.

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