General Motors Popularity Rising


General Motors Determined To Dominate Once Again

GM is once again building confidence in the brand

GM builds world class performance and reliability across all divisions

Whether you’re a fan of the GM product or not, it appears that we are seeing General Motors popularity rising. The automaker is set on rebuilding the brand to a level previously unseen and unheard of and since the bailout mess back in 2008, all four divisions have made huge strides in delivering a quality product to showrooms all across America.

Sure, there will always be those that argue unprecedented recalls have tarnished the brand to an unacceptable level but often times, those same folks don’t really understand the true nature of some of the recalls. Consider the fact that GM has initiated several of the recalls and many of them (excluding the key switch debacle) are basically precautionary.

Cadillac is World Class

Cadillac logo on white bkgrdConsider carefully the entire Cadillac brand, no auto maker in the history of mankind has ever reinvented itself quite like Cadillac. In a matter of a few short years, Cadillac has gone from a car your grandpa would buy to a world class platform fit for even the most demanding critic. The ‘V’ series vehicles are industry leaders with virtually no equal. the BMW M series vehicles offer the greatest challenge in terms of competition but truthfully…pound for pound, the Cadillac is superior. Mercedes AMG division is a strong contender for the lead position but before we offer the crown, let’s visit Nurburgring for an all out ‘no holds barred’ throw down.
GMC Truck division was on the chopping block during the ’08’ bailout days but when the federal government realized how profitable the division was, they quickly reconsidered and Buick’s International sales strength has kept them from ultimately being eliminated.

Will We See The Rise Of Pontiac?

pontiac-cars-logo-emblemRegrettably, Pontiac Motor Division had to be permanently laid to rest. This is the place where the greatest amount of criticism could be (should be) levied. The Pontiac division demise is without question the tragedy of the century. Icons such as the Trans Am and the GTO are forever lost and the ones who truly suffer are folks like you and me.
Pontiac is (was) a brand that was unique and special, I remember riding along highway 40 in my uncles 1957 Pontiac Safari all the way from California to New Mexico, or the indescribable feeling of a Whittier cruise night in a 1967 GTO.

Chevrolet Is The Heavy Hitter

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 2015

The all-new Z28 is track ready straight from the showroom

Chevrolet obviously is the strongest division in the GM corporation and it’s no surprise they’ve not
only survived but flourished. Who could argue the superiority of the Corvette, the industry leading Silverado or the awe inspiring 2015 Z28 Camaro?

Our Horsepower Broadcasting team recently had the all new Z28 for a weekend and descriptive terms really don’t exist for how well this car is built or how cool it is!

Paradise Chevrolet

Paradise Chevrolet Logo

Paradise Chevrolet in Southern California is a Premiere Dealer within the GM network

Paradise Chevrolet in Ventura California agreed to offer us the car for as long as we liked to assess the reliability of the
platform, the build strength and the overall quality.
We drove the car all over the streets Los Angeles and the surrounding communities and we must admit, this car is absolutely incredible in all areas.
This is one of the finest examples of a factory built track car anywhere in the world and the attention to detail is almost unbelievable.


We looked at various scan data of the all-new Z28 and it is incredible

We took the vehicle to our Horsepower Performance Division for an initial evaluation in terms of build strength and reliability. We assembled a digital scanner to the onboard Engine Control Module and we looked closely at the vehicle in terms of structural rigidity. One thing is certain, this newest Z28 is the finest Z28 ever created by Chevrolet.

The TR6060 Manual transmission is geared exceptionally well but we’d really prefer an automatic option. GM’s new 8L90 automatic transmission would be a fantastic addition to this already awesome platform and a torque vectoring system would certainly be a welcome addition as well but, even without these systems GM has still designed and delivered a car that truly has no equal. Regardless of whatever brand you’re loyal to, you’d have to at least consider capitulating to GM as the best M.

Horsepower for an Hour

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  1. John Van Der Reyden on

    Was a pleasure to read your article and to see we are getting back to where we belong. May I suggest that next time you include Oldsmobile which was , like Cadillac, one of the top brands we produced and very popular in the Middle East. Regretfully the Division together with Pontiac lost out in the reorganization of the Corp.
    Many thanks.
    John Van Der Reyden (GMOC rt)

    • Hi Alveno, thanks for the idea, we will prepare a piece on classic Oldsmobiles. One of my all-time favorites is the 1970 442 with the 455 and the manual transmission kickin’ out 370 Horsepower!!

      • 604 HP, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, with and elolarenictcly limited top speed of 171 mph Jesus Christ, I am truly impressed. For a car that big, those figures are absolutely insane. The estimated city mpg is 10 though XD? When you’re that rich, gas money doesn’t really matter though I suppose.

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