Domino’s Spends Big Dough On New Pizza Delivery Cars

Domino's DXP, The New Pizza Delivery Cars Costs $15,000

Domino’s DXP, The New Pizza Delivery Cars Costs $15,000

Domino’s announced that it partnered with GM, Roush and Local Motors to create new pizza delivery cars, dubbed the DXP.

New Pizza Delivery Cars Completely Redesigned

The DXP is based on a Chevrolet Spark, but most of the interior is stripped out to better accommodate pizzas and other things like drinks, napkins and wings. The company said the only seat in the car is the driver’s. Behind the

Domino's New Pizza Delivery Car, the DXP, Has Ovens To Keep Pizzas Hot

Domino’s New Pizza Delivery Car, the DXP, Has Ovens To Keep Pizzas Hot

driver’s seat is a warming oven to ensure your pizza is hot when you receive it. Domino’s claims the DXP can carry up to 80 pizzas. The new pizza delivery cars come complete with a puddle light that projects the Domino’s logo on the ground.

With 84 horsepower out of a 1.2 liter four-cylinder engine, the DXP won’t be terribly quick, but it will be fuel-efficient.

Domino’s crowd sourced the ideas for this car with Local Motors. Roush Enterprises, the engineering firm best known for building heavily modified Ford Mustangs and Google’s self-driving car prototypes, will be converting the Sparks into DXPs. The new pizza delivery cars took four years to build.

New Domino’s Pizza Delivery Cars Coming To Cities Soon

Domino's DXP, The New Pizza Delivery Cars Costs $15,000

Domino’s DXP, The New Pizza Delivery Cars Costs $15,000

The DXPs will be rolled out to 25 major U.S. cities—Boston, New Orleans, San Diego, Houston, Seattle and Detroit—over the next 90 days, with 100 planned to be built. Franchise owners can purchase a DXP for $25,000.

Even if it seems expensive at first glance, it may well make financial sense for Domino’s. The oven and storage should help drivers deliver more pizzas per trip, and make sure that customers are happy when their food arrives.

DXP has been rigorously tested, including flammability testing, cold weather testing, rain testing and excessive-use, including 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the warming oven door.

Domino’s End-to-End Solution

“The Domino’s DXP is the first purpose-built vehicle aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery,” said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA, in a news release. “This innovation allows drivers to do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency, and demonstrates that Domino’s is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries.”

The new pizza delivery cars give Domino’s a complete, high-tech pizza delivery system—from ordering a pizza using an emoticon on Twitter (introduced in May) to Domino’s Tracker for tracking the whereabouts of the pizza en route to the Domino’s DXP state-of-the-art pizza delivery car.

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