October 17, 2015 Show


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Hour 1

Nitrogen tire fillToday, we’ll dispell the whole “Nitrogen filled tire” myth. Many people have the wrong idea about just what nitrogen is or what it does.

Spence laces us up with the latest automotive news and headlines

joey loganoJim Naylors talking Motorsports! Joey Logano is NASCAR star and now movie action heroCadillacSedanette

Clash of the Classics has the 1947 Buick Roadmaster battling the 1947 Cadillac Sedanette

Hour 2

Dorian GunnDorian Gunn is our in-studio special guest today. Dorian will give us some tips for getting the best deal on your next car purchase. Dorian owns “Open Road Auto Concierge”. Check him out at www.OpenRoadAC.com

Some highways in China are 60 lanes wide, the traffic jams there can go on for days, we’ll tell you more about it.

formula 1 red bullFormula 1 racing is going through some difficult times, Red Bull racing may be history after this season, Jim Naylor has more details.

Horsepower for an Hour, we are “Your Ultimate Stop in Automotive Radio”


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  1. Can’t enter the contest for October Cash. Please tell me how to enter. I have tried for two weeks and can’t anything on your web site that will let me enter. I listen to your show every Saturday on AM 1440 in Santa Maria California, 93458.

    Thanks, Gary

    • Hi, Gary.

      You are ENTERED. I apologize for any inconvenience you had with our entry form. I manually entered you today. Yours is the first report of a problem with the page. For 5 additional entries into the contest, will you please send me a detailed description of the problems you encountered so I can have them corrected? I’d be grateful. Thanks.

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