Worst Bond Cars Ever!


The James Bond series conjures a world in which women can be seduced by double-entendres and vintage Aston Martins never break down. The backdrops are National Geographic-exotic, the women are amiable and the cars are the stuff of dreams. Well, most of the time.

As with any large movie franchise, however, there are always a few bombs. And, in the James Bond series, there are a few cars that don’t live up to expectations. Sometimes, Bond’s commandeering of an oddly pedestrian car was part of the campy charm of series. Other times, the cars Bond drives are downright awful.

Here’s a compilation of the worst Bond cars ever. The list is not comprehensive by any means. Rather, it’s our selection of the worst Bond cars we’ve seen in the movies. Feel free to agree or disagree with any of the choices. Leave your comments below in the comments box.

The Nine Worst Bond Cars Ever

#1 1974 AMC Hornet driven in The Man With The Golden Gun

#2 Lada Niva used in The World Is Not Enough

#3 BMW Z3 driven in Goldeneye

#4 Citroën 2CV driven in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

#5 1974 Ford LTD used in Live And Let Die

#5 1974 Ford LTD used in Live And Let Die

#6 Lincoln Continental Mark VII driven in License To Kill

#7 1973 Chevrolet Impala featured in Live And Let Die

#8 2006 Ford Mondeo driven in Casino Royale

#9 Aston Martin DB10 used in Spectre

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