Clash of the Classics – 1952 Chevy Sedan vs. 1952 Packard 300


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1952 Chevy Sedan

1952 Packard 300

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  1. Packard over Chevy? Are you serious? I don’t think so!
    This match up is really like comparing apples to cannons.
    They were marketed to completely different demographics.

    Packard – Power, Glitz, Quality, Upscale
    Chevy – Fuel Economy, Simplicity, Value, Utilitarian

    Power – Packard.
    Economy – Chevy.
    Brand – Packard.
    Quality – Packard.
    Value – Chevy.
    Looks – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and their pocketbook.
    If you like catfish you’ll like the Packard. If you like the over the top glitz, you’ll like the Packard.
    If you like simplicity and form follows function, you’ll like the Chevy.
    Dependability – Both are dependable and reliable.
    Resale value – Chevy has a higher resale percentage vs initial cost than Packard.

    To each their own, for a garaged trailer queen, go for the Packard, for a daily driver go for the Chevy.


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