2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S


The Porsche Legacy

2017-porsche-911-carrera-s-coupe-angular-frontThe Porsche 911 made it’s way into the automotive scene in the early 1960’s and has remained a perennial favorite since. It was the summer of 1963 at the International Motor Show that the original type 901 (later renamed the 911) made it’s debut and now more than five decades later, it continues to be the standard by which all other sports cars are measured. Along with the 911’s distinctive styling it has always been considered a technological leader in both performance and electronics. Porsche has pursued the performance principle from the beginning and the race track has become their virtual research facility.

Twin Turbo 911 Carrera S Engine

2017-porsche-911-carrera-twin-turbocharged-3-0-liter-flat-6-engine-101-876x535Here today, the all-new 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S continues the legacy with distinctive styling and advanced technology at every level. It starts with the news that both the Carrera and the Carrera S are equipped with a 3.0 liter turbocharged flat-six engine that is not only smaller in terms of displacement, but also more powerful. The Carrera S is rated at 420 horsepower with a zero-to-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds when equipped with the dual-clutch PDK transmission. The new engine has been redesigned with newly designed cylinder heads that now have the fuel injectors repositioned to increase combustion efficiency. Porsche developed the engine completely from scratch and while the six-cylinder twin-turbo engines of the all-new 911 Carrera models can be described with statistics and specifications, the best way to experience them is behind the wheel. The more we drove the car, the more we began to understand how some of the more subtle redesigns equated to significant improvements in overall feel.

Porsche Dual Clutch PDK Transmission

the-pdk-transmission-1The Porsche dual-clutch transmission has long been one of our favorites here at Horsepower Broadcasting. Every year at the annual Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas, we have the opportunity to speak with the world’s top transmission designers and builders and none are more impressive than the Porsche PDK designers. Over the past several years Porsche has steadily decreased the use of their manual transmission in favor of the all-new technologically advanced dual-clutch transmission. In fact, only about one in 10 new Porsches are equipped with a third pedal, and while some die-hard enthusiasts may be disappointed with that, we find ourselves elated and see it as further evidence that the engineers at Porsche know a thing or two about true performance.

Rusnak Porsche in Thousand Oaks

rusnak-photoOur Horsepower for an Hour team met out at Rusnak Porsche to get a look at the all-new 2017 Carrera S and from the moment we arrived, we knew we were in for a memorable experience. The entire staff at Rusnak Porsche is not only professional and courteous, but also extremely product knowledgeable. General Manager, Keith Goldberg is a true sports car enthusiast with a genuine kindness and jovial spirit. We had the new 911 Carrera S for much of the day and regardless of the driving conditions, the car responded brilliantly.

Chassis and Suspension

2017-911-porsche-suspensionPorsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is now standard on all 911 models for the first time. The electronic damping control system is continuously adjusting the damping force on each wheel, based on current road conditions and each persons driving style. During our road test, we had the car on one of Southern California’s winding coast highways and the improved cornering ability is immediately noticeable. Porsche’s active suspension system essentially has two modes that can be selected using a button on the center console. If you choose the ‘Normal’ selection, you’ll experience a blend of performance and comfort, if you select the ‘Sport’ option the ride feel is much firmer with improved stability.

Infotainment and Sound System

porsche-infotainmentThe Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is an industry leader that features a high-resolution touch display with an integrated proximity sensor that is both easy and convenient. Real-time traffic information puts you on the fastest route to your destination even before you set off, and throughout the journey, the real-time traffic information is regularly updated to keep you on the recalculated optimum route. The optional BOSE® Surround Sound System is one of the finest we’ve experienced with a total output of 555 watts. Both the low frequencies and the high frequencies are blended together uniquely in this newest 911 with no discernible loss of quality at higher volume levels.

Horsepower for an Hour

Donny and SpenceAt Horsepower for an Hour we have the opportunity throughout the year to drive almost every car imaginable. Everything from SUV’s to compacts, hybrids to supercars and none are more satisfying than a Porsche. When in the So Cal area, all of us here at Horsepower Broadcasting recommend stopping by Rusnak Porsche to experience all the newest Porsche model lineup.

Horsepower for an Hour is a Nationally Syndicated Automotive Talk Radio Show heard on over 140 radio stations across America and in more than 182 Countries World Wide

Horsepower for an Hour is a Nationally Syndicated Automotive Talk Radio Show heard on over 150 radio stations across America and in more than 172 Countries World Wide

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