Superchargers are Bolt-On Excitement

Magnuson supercharger heartbeat system

Magnuson Supercharger heartbeat package


Forced induction on today’s internal combustion engine is as prolific and profuse as ever. Some manufacturers have begun implementing roots style superchargers to many of their performance  models and the results have been astounding. Ford, General Motors, and Dodge, as well and several others now have supercharger equipped models straight from the factory. One thing remains clear and that is, Superchargers are bolt-on excitement.

What Is a Supercharger?

A supercharger by definition is:
“Any device that pressurizes the air intake to above atmospheric pressure” and while that may be somewhat of a generic description, let’s explore it with a bit more detail. The best way to add more power and make a normal sized engine more efficient is by forcing more air into the combustion chamber. More air means more fuel can be added, and more fuel means a bigger explosion and greater horsepower.

Magnuson's 3.8 liter Jeep application

Magnuson’s 3.8 liter Jeep application

Superchargers increase intake by compressing air above atmospheric pressure, this action forces more air into the engine, which is described as “boost.” More air means more fuel can be added to the charge, more air and fuel means more power. Supercharging your engine can add an average of 45 percent more horsepower and 30 percent more torque. For our Horsepower for an Hour radio listeners living In high-altitude areas, where engine performance can be tricky because of low density and pressure, a supercharger delivers higher-pressure air to the engine thereby helping it to operate optimally.

Magnuson Superchargers

Horsepower Broadcasting's Silverado with Magnuson Supercharger installed

Horsepower Broadcasting’s Rally Silverado with Magnuson Supercharger installed

In all the years we’ve been at it here at Horsepower Broadcasting, we’ve never found a better designed, better built piece of performance equipment than the Magnuson Supercharger, or simply “The Magnacharger”. In terms of bolt-on performance, there is no equal.
Recently we installed one of their TVS 1900 systems on our Horsepower for an Hour,  Silverado Rally Sport truck and the power gains were most impressive.

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Magnuson builds power at any RPM

Magnuson builds power at any RPM

 One of the best features we discovered during our installation period was the easy, color photo, step-by-step procedure manual that comes with the kit. Honestly, it was as simple and as straight forward as anything we’ve ever done. The kit even includes a base tune for the vehicle’s ECM that was seamless and very well written. Our truck starts and runs first time, every time! Kudos to the entire Magnuson team, from start to finish this is a fine product built right here in the U.S.

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Horsepower for an Hour is a Nationally Syndicated Automotive Talk Radio Show heard on over 150 radio stations across America and in more than 172 Countries World Wide

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  1. Alex Saldaña on

    Donnie, I know that the supercharger is run off engine power and a turbo is running off of exhaust… my question is which of the two will i get more “bang for my buck” so to speak, and more efficient on a daily driver?

    • Hi Alex,
      In terms of efficiency the turbocharger wins but for me, the supercharger is the best bang! I like the instant torque the supercharger provides, the low end power gains are pretty impressive

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