Clash of the Classics – 1934 Packard 1108 Conv. vs. 1934 Cadillac 370D Conv.


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1934 Packard 1108

1934 Cadillac 370D

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  1. Bob Williams on

    I enjoyed your program. Where did you see these cars? Was it at the LA Classic Car Show?

    The Cadillac was owned by our father in the 1960s and we won many concours during that time including a 1st in class at the Hillsborough Concours and 3rd at Pebble Beach. I have followed the car since then but it was sold at auction about 3 years ago and I have lost track since.

    The only comments I have that are at all negative is that the Cadillac is a 1935 not 1934. The only way to tell is the bumpers. 1934 had “airplane style” bumpers which were pretty but proved to be ineffective. You were right that the V12 engine was a beautiful work of art as was the V16 but the V8 was a different motor altogether without the beautiful ohv design. The waffel weave interior was one of the nicest I have ever seen and the ride was fabulous.

    Finally, I agree that the Packard should have won in the battle but it was not a fair fight as the Packard was a custom body two door body and the Cadillac a standard production model..

    That you very much for featuring dad’s car.

    Bob Williams and brothers and son

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