Life in The Fast Lane: Get Over or Get Over It?

Road Rage Sign

Road rage. Get over or get over it.

You’re on the highway, in the fast lane, doing the speed limit, and somebody is coming up quickly behind you.  To get over or not to get over, that is the question.  Do you get over one lane and let the other driver pass, or, since you’re doing the speed limit after all, do you stay put and let them figure it out.  As George Carlin once said, idiots go too slow. maniacs go too fast, and it’s always judged from each individual drivers point of view.

Road signs

Is it confusing to know when to get over or not?

Auto accident

Not getting over leads to disastrous results sometimes.

After all, if it was so important to let the faster driver have the lane, why do the signs say Speed Limit?  Shouldn’t every highway have signs that say Move Over Idiot?  The move over moron question might be on the drivers test, but who remembers that?  Everyone sees the signs, signs everywhere there’s signs, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind, do this don’t do that can’t you read the signs… and almost everyone says Speed Limit.

And what about the little cha-cha that everyone ends up doing, A driver sees a car coming up fast, he goes to change lanes right when the approaching auto does the same and it turns out to be an episode of dancing with the cars each executing a fast lane do-si-do, the two drivers eventually will meet when they’re exchanging insurance information after the crash.

So it’s up to you, fan.  How do we solve this problem that aggravates or amuses every driver on our interstates?  Does your highway have a solution? I’ve attached a ink of fast lane rules for each state to this blog.  Happy motoring!

Check Here For State Laws Concerning When To Get Over

Click here for State Laws

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