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Spence is a Southern California radio veteran having been an on-air
personality surviving the carousel that is music radio. From
AC to opera, Spence has spun it all. His radio journeys eventually
lead him to Ventura, CA stations KVTA and KKZZ. Tom is
not only the Program Director of KVTA, but host of the morning
show. His love of cars and everything automotive and his
talent for radio was completely realized as he took on co-hosting
duties with Donny. Together, they present a fun, relatable show
that listeners and advertisers love.

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  1. Allan Crocket on

    Lots to talk about here. Mainly that Mercedes is investing about 10.8 Billion for 10 models of electric that will debut about 2022. The EU is committed to it. America on the other hand is not and we tend to commute longer distances. Discussions about have brand themed stops where rather than charge the battery, it is swapped so the stop is not a 2 hr charge. I get the point of the article, but I believe it to be more of an opinion article.

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