August 5, 2017 Show


Part 1:

Part 2:

Segment 1:
Lead Lap
Driverless Cars Will Be Part of a $7 Trillion Market by 2050

Segment 2:
Spence’s News and Views
Why gas-powered cars aren’t going away

Segment 3:
Clash of the Classics
1968 Rover 2000 TC vs 1968 Volvo 123GT

Segment 4:
Bumper to Bumper
Today we’ll discuss the 12 Best Pickup Engines of All Time

Segment 5:
Performance Hour Lead Lap
Today we’ll take a look at the 2018 BMW M4 Coupe

Segment 6:
Performance News and Views
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup is ready to haul in style

Segment 7:
Around the Horn
At 840 horsepower,the new Dodge Demon the most powerful muscle car ever created by a major maker

Segment 8:
Checkered Flag
1938 Minneapolis Moline UDLX Comfortracters

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He makes sure the show is on time not only with our FTP files but also to Cumulus for our satellite delivery. He's the one who makes sure all the content fits into very precise windows of time, confirms ad content is rotated for freshness and verifies all subject content flows well without mistakes.

Chris's contributions are essential to our weekly national broadcast and he is on time, every time!

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