Author Bill Frank

Bill is an Associate Producer at Horsepower Broadcasting as well as our Operations Analyst. He personally oversees most all of the myriad interviews with our automotive celebrity guests. He handles scheduling, contacts, press releases, press passes and everything in between. His keen intellect is awe inspiring and he is a true academician in every sense of the term.

Many of our business related blogs and posts are created and written by him as the business category is what Bill is most familiar with. He has a wide range of interests in business related subjects including marketing, sales, finance, motivation, leadership, banking, technology and leading edge thinking.

His input and contributions to the show are invaluable and we are grateful he is a part of our team.

Spence's News & Views

A new patent filed by Alphabet (formerly Google) explains how Google cars will assess threats and communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. Alphabet says it may equip its autonomous cars with sensors that can detect objects around them, namely, pedestrians attempting to cross the street. The patent suggests that Alphabet has figured out a way for its autonomous cars to deal with aggressive drivers, too.

Spence's News & Views

VW is set to reveal an all-electric microbus van, with a range of up to 310 miles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. VW’s plans to resurrect the Microbus form part of a broader commercial vehicle strategy aimed at significantly bolstering its sales performance in the U.S. market.

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