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Spence is a Southern California radio veteran having been an on-air personality surviving the carousel that is music radio. From AC to opera, Spence has spun it all. His radio journeys eventually lead him to Ventura, CA stations KVTA and KKZZ. Tom is not only the Program Director of KVTA, but host of the morning show. His love of cars and everything automotive and his talent for radio was completely realized as he took on co-hosting duties with Donny. Together, they present a fun, relatable show that listeners and advertisers love.

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Donny is a Southern California specialty shop owner with primary emphasis on transmission and differential systems. He is an automotive technology graduate with over 30 years of experience. He and his wife own DMC Transmission outside of Los Angeles and were awarded “Shop of the Year” honors in 2010 and 2011.

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Chris is Horsepower Broadcasting's senior radio show editor and videographer. He is as brilliant as he is creative and he is the guy who polishes the show each week to a high lustrous shine. His video skills and his ability to edit the weekly audio segments have become the digital foundation on which the show stands.

He makes sure the show is on time not only with our FTP files but also to Cumulus for our satellite delivery. He's the one who makes sure all the content fits into very precise windows of time, confirms ad content is rotated for freshness and verifies all subject content flows well without mistakes.

Chris's contributions are essential to our weekly national broadcast and he is on time, every time!

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Bill is an Associate Producer at Horsepower Broadcasting as well as our Operations Analyst. He personally oversees most all of the myriad interviews with our automotive celebrity guests. He handles scheduling, contacts, press releases, press passes and everything in between. His keen intellect is awe inspiring and he is a true academician in every sense of the term.

Many of our business related blogs and posts are created and written by him as the business category is what Bill is most familiar with. He has a wide range of interests in business related subjects including marketing, sales, finance, motivation, leadership, banking, technology and leading edge thinking.

His input and contributions to the show are invaluable and we are grateful he is a part of our team.

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Barry is a Master Certified Sales professional, and Product Concierge for the Mercedes-Benz brand. He has been in automobile sales since 2002. Places where you might find Barry outside of the sales office include winding canyon roads, race tracks, rallies, auto shows, and Whole Foods Market.4 Articles

Jim owns the Ventura Raceway and, when it comes to automotive competition, racing, and Motorsports, there's no one who's more knowledgeable or better prepared. All of us at Horsepower Broadcasting are continually amazed at the depth and scope of his expertise in automotive performance as well as automotive history. Jim provides our race report and discusses all the race events from around the country. His racing posts and blogs are often thought provoking and sometimes controversial.

We took on a new level of professionalism when Jim came on board and we feel privileged to have his regular and weekly contributions.

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Glenn focuses on automotive writing, photography, videography and is a technology geek. Projects include AutoAdix Magazine and RV Adix Magazine. Everything he did in life evolved around working on cars, cruising and racing. Favorite rides owned: a '66 Mustang, a '69 Camaro and a '72 Vette. He built his first engine (Ford 289) during high school, which powered his '66 Mustang through a high 12-second 1/4 mile pass. Glenn prefers the road course but is into straight-line and playing off-road as well. Current toys include modified '07 GT/CS and '03 Cobra Mustangs. Future projects - '69 Camaro or '69 Mach I pro-touring build.

After retiring from the Los Angeles Police Department, Ken began his career as the Sales and Marketing Director for Wilwood Disc Brakes. Wilwood manufacture’s performance brakes for every popular vehicle make and model, both import and domestic. In that position, Ken worked with most of the major build shops and warehouses in the nation. His knowledge of the classic car industry is unequaled as is his attention to detail. Ken provides the majority of the content on our weekly "Clash of the Classics" segment and has been the driving force behind the development of our "Checkered Flag" lap. Ken Has become a vital part of Horsepower for an Hour, and like so many of his classic appraisals, his contributions are inestimable.

Jeff is our General Manager and is responsible for overseeing most of Horsepower Broadcasting's daily business. Jeff is formally educated with a post doctorate degree in Periodontics, a field in which he spent the majority of his life.

After obtaining a Bachelor‟s Degree in Clinical Psychology from CSUN, Jeff enrolled and completed his dental degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. He later completed his postgraduate work leading to a Master‟s of Science and Certificate to practice periodontics from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

After retiring from a successful career in the dental field Jeff was anxious to develop creative ways to spend his time. It was that enthusiasm that birthed the Horsepower for an Hour Automotive Talk Radio Show.

During the creation of Horsepower Broadcasting, Jeff was instrumental in developing ideas and business systems that would eventually become the platform on which the company stands today. He is single handedly responsible for the show being heard on more than 100 stations in America and in more than 172 Countries worldwide.

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