2017 Ford F Series Super Duty

Since 1977, F-150 and Super Duty have been the world’s best-selling trucks. Whether it’s powertrain designs, interior and infotainment systems, or safety innovations, Ford has led the way for forty consecutive years. Proven durability combined with intense capability are just two of the reasons the Ford Super Duty series trucks continue to set the standard by which all other trucks are to be measured.

Vista Ford Oxnard

Vista Ford continues to be one of America’s premiere Ford showrooms with an impressive inventory. Our test model was the F250 Super Duty with the monster 6.7 liter diesel and the six-speed automatic transmission. The engine is capable of almost indescribable power with equally mind-boggling low end torque. Our first time in the drivers seat made it immediately discernible that this truck is no ordinary pickup. With 440 Horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque it has freight train type pulling ability.

Strength and Durability define the Ford Super Duty®.

It is clear to us now that the 2017 Ford Super Duty is the toughest, most durable heavy-duty pickup we’ve ever experienced. The all-new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum body effectively reduces overall weight without sacrificing strength. Front and rear axles have been significantly improved, chassis and suspension components have been strengthened, and the all-new fully boxed frame is built using high-strength steel. The all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty is built stronger and better than ever before, and weighs almost 350 pounds lighter.

6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel with Best-in-Class Horsepower and Torque

The available B20-capable 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 delivers an impressive 925 lb.-ft. of torque. The design is unique and specific, the turbocharger is located between the cylinder heads and the top of the block and the exhaust manifold is now more inboard and closer to the turbo charger. In simple terms, it’s now faster and more powerful. Ford calls it their inverse-flow configuration, regardless of the term they use, one thing is certain, it is awesome.

6.2L FFV Gas V8

If the V8 gas powered model is more to your liking then the 6.2 liter flex-fuel engine is sure to impress you. With 385 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque, no other gas-powered full-size pickup can match it.  The 6.2L produces higher torque throughout the midrange and is more efficient at lower speeds. Ford engine designs have forever impressed us here at Horsepower for an Hour and we often report on them during our weekly broadcasts. Whether its the mountain-moving 6.7 liter diesel, the mighty 6.2 liter flex-fuel V8, or the awe-inspiring eco-boost family of four and six cylinder engines, Ford is a leader in engine innovation and design.

New Ford TorqShift® G SelectShift® 6-Speed Automatic

Our Horsepower Broadcasting team had a chance to preview the all-new six-speed automatic transmission recently and quickly realized engine development is not the only area where the Ford designers excel. The new Ford TorqShift G SelectShift 6-speed automatic in the F-250 is another impressive powertrain component. Quick and seamless shifting, better fuel economy, and increased reliability, are just a few terms we use to describe the all-new six-speed computer-controlled transmission. SelectShift® includes Progressive Range Select (for overdrive lock-out) plus Full Manual. The Tow/Haul feature minimizes gear hunting during uphill-downhill driving, and shifting is more seamless with the new Ford TorqShift® G 6-speed (F-250). The optional Live-Drive Power Takeoff (PTO) Provision with Mobile Mode is also available with the 6.2L (F-350).

High-Strength Aluminum Body

The 2017 Super Duty® has the only high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body in its class. Aluminum alloy is substantially lighter than the previous body, yet it’s remarkably strong. It’s also more dent-and-ding resistant and not subject to red rust corrosion. Use of aluminum alloy allowed some of the weight savings to be reinvested where it matters the most, especially in the frame that’s the foundation of strength and toughness.

Stronger Axles

Few people think about axle designs when choosing which new truck to purchase, more often style and aesthetic designs are key interest points. We offer this suggestion to those who are searching for a new truck; consider that the axles are the two points on which the entire platform rests. Just like with a home, the foundation is critical. The all-new Ford axles are stronger than ever before which means your Super Duty® can bear more weight and get more done because the foundation is solid.  Hauling big payloads concentrate more weight on the rear axle, if the axle isn’t up to the task, poor results typically follow. Ford axles are designed to handle the 925 lbs. ft. of torque the available 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel delivers.

Class-Exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance

Another new feature that impressed us was the new available class-exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance feature. Cameras in the sideview mirrors and visual guides in the center dash screen give you a clear rear view of where the trailer is going, with the guidelines changing with the movements of the steering wheel. The camera view is digitally expanded and shows the direction of the truck and the trailer. Those that feared backing a trailer in, need not fear any longer.


Of all the systems we experiment with throughout the course of the year, we found the SYNC® 3 very easy to use and the responsive voice-activated technology is very impressive. The system’s quick reactions to our voice commands were equally impressive. The smartphone-like touchscreen is responsive and user-friendly when connecting to and controlling your smartphone. Locating restaurants, diners, and gas stations was surprisingly simple with the optional navigation feature.

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