Are Mastercraft Tires Any Good and Who Makes Them?

Having good tires isn’t just a big part of a quality driving experience, but it’s something that caters to your own safety. You can’t just slap any tire on your vehicle and hit the road with it. And when it comes to choosing the best brands that make tires, names like Goodyear or Michelin kind of dominate the market. But what about Mastercraft tires? Who makes them? And are they any good? Let’s find out together.

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires?

This is actually a line of tires made by the brand known as Cooper. This probably a name that you’ve heard of in the past since they’ve been on the market for quite some time now. They have a solid reputation in the tire manufacturing industry, which is why we’re going to explore more about the Mastercraft sub-brand.

Mastercraft Tires
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Cooper is a brand aimed at delivering quality tires to the American vehicle owner, creating products with a consistent performance throughout time.

Benefits of Mastercraft Tires

Next up, we’re going to analyze the main benefits that Mastercraft tires bring to the table so that you know what you’re spending your money on:

  •  First of all, these tires offer premium quality. Being made by a brand with experience and reputation in the field, Mastercraft tires follow the benchmarks of quality that Copper’s has developed throughout its years of experience.
  • They are decently priced, which is an important selling point considering that some of the best tires on the market are relatively expensive. When you compare them with some of the best products on the market, they are typically $20 to $40 cheaper.
  • They are available in plenty of different options. That means that you can find Mastercraft tires for all seasons and for all kinds of terrain types. That means that it doesn’t matter if you need tires that perform in winter weather or ones that run smoothly against summer roads, Mastercraft has products that will keep you covered regardless of your needs.

Mastercraft Tires Features

Mastercraft tires
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It’s important to know what sets Mastercraft tires apart from the competition so that you can stay informed on what these items have to offer in terms of performance:

  •  One of the things that make Mastercraft a decent brand of tires is the fact that they don’t compromise fuel performance to provide you with a superior driving experience. The company uses durable materials that can absorb vibrations as you’re driving across the country, offering superior comfort to everyone in the vehicle. Their tires are made with a lightweight construction and have lower rolling resistance. This translates into less fuel consumption and more efficiency.
  • The durability of Mastercraft tires is yet another feature that can’t be contested. The combination between mileage and warranty makes this brand a go-to choice for a lot of drivers looking to get a bang for their buck. Thanks to their superior tread compound technology, this brand of tires makes highly flexible products that can resist high temperature while minimizing wear and tear. With 45 days of road testing and an average mileage warrant of 50,000 miles, this is proof that the company stands behind its line of tires.
  • When it comes to handling, Mastercraft tires are just about as good as tires can be for this particular price category. With their consistent traction and firm grip, these tires have features that include asymmetrical patterns and rigid treads that maximize the performance these tires have on dry roads. But that’s not all: the edges of the treats work hand-in-hand with hydroplaning resistant grooves to deliver a great in-snow experience. Good tire handling is also important when you have to face wet surfaces, which is where Mastercraft’s all-season tires kick in, making the vehicle feel stable even under such harsher conditions.

Mastercraft Tire Examples

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If you navigate the company’s official website, you will be given a selection of filters that will help you find the ideal tires to perform in the conditions that you have to face most of the time. You can choose between different types of vehicles, mileage, and even features which include off-road, handling, wet or dry performance, treat wear, etc. As you select the options you’re interested in, you will be presented with a narrower list of products that can cover your needs.

For instance, the Mastercraft Strategy is one of the brand’s best-selling tires. It is an all-season tire that offers great year-round traction at a really good price. Thanks to the 5-rib design of the Strategy tires, noise output is reduced to a minimum, without having to compromise passenger comfort in the process. The sipes and grooves of the Mastercraft Strategy tires are designed to channel water away from the tire, making sure these babies perform well on wet road conditions.

Another product that stands out of the crowd is the Mastercraft Courser AXT tire, an all-purpose and all-terrain product that’s perfect for 4x4s, SUVs, and pickups. These tires are designed to maximize off-road traction and they come with features such as improved snow performance, increased tread life (provided by the silica tread compound), and increased grip on loose terrain. They are created with zigzag patterns that make these tires run smoothly on different types of terrain, including sand, mud, or dirt.


Mastercraft Avenger-GT-RR
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Designed by Cooper and absorbing the technological advancements and the very best practices in the field, Mastercraft tires are the kind of products that offer premium quality without breaking the bank. Manufactured in the US, Mastercraft tires have Texas-based facilities that have been operating for many years, serving American drivers almost flawlessly.  It doesn’t matter if you want all-season tires or if you own an SUV, as the brand covers almost every need that a driver can have, offering products with high levels of performance on different kinds of terrain.

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  1. I have had 5 sets of tires for my truck over the years. 2 sets were mastercraft and they lasted the longest. The set I am running now was purchased in 2017 and have 50k miles and I believe I will get another 10k on them. I would recommend them to any truck owner.

    AND SAVINGS OF $250!


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