Best Corvette Car Covers

You’ve worked hard, you saved your money, and you now have the funds to invest in that sweet Corvette you’ve had your eye on for years. This is the time to celebrate! It’s time to take a long cruise down the prettiest drive your area has to offer and put the pedal-to-the-metal once in a while for a thrill. 

This is it! You are the owner of one of the most sought after vehicles known to man. You’ve made it! So, tell us. How would you feel if you were in bed one night and you heard the rat-tat-a-tat of little ice balls coming down from the sky and your vette was parked out on the street? 

Pretty darn scared is our suspicion. And that would be understandable. There are few things that will ruin the look of a nice car more than little dents everywhere. So let’s take a look at the importance of covers and a list of ones we consider the best on the market. 

A Quick Look At Our 5 Best Corvette Car Covers


Platinum Shield Car Cover For 2020 Chevrolet Corvette

The question should be, why would you think you didn’t need a cover? There are many reasons why a cover is imperative to the longevity of your car. Here are a few.

Environmental Protection

No matter where you live there is some type of weather pattern that could leave your corvette looking like it has been through a monsoon. Between harsh sunlight and UV rays, dust, dirt, sleet, snow, hail, bird poop, and even passers-by who throw their coffee out the window. The latter might not be a natural part of the environment but inconsiderate people are everywhere. 

On The Road

What about when your car is parked someplace other than your home? Can you guarantee covered parking everytime you take your car somewhere? You can’t, unless you have a solid cover in your trunk that’s easy to put on and pull off. 

How To Choose The Best For Me

When it comes to choosing anything the most important thing is to consider how it fits into your life. That said, when it comes to a cover, we already covered why it’s a necessity so, how do you know which is the best option for you? This is where you need to consider your personal needs. 

What Kind of Corvette Do You Have?

Xtrashield Custom Fit C7 2014-2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51/Z06/Grand Sport Car Cover Black Covers

You might have a brand new 2020 Corvette Stingray or you might be the lucky owner of an original 1953 model. No matter which model you own, you are a member of the club. But, that doesn’t mean the cover will fit them all the same. One looks at the history of this beloved icon of America and you can see the progressions in shape and size over the years. 

Where Do You Keep Your Corvette?

If you have a garage then you might not be in the market for a super thick cover that’s bulky and difficult to store. When on the road you want to keep the luggage down to a minimum, especially when you think of the small amount of space a corvette offers. 

What Materials Is It Made Of?

Will the cover tear easily after a heavy blizzard? There have been reports of covers tearing from one bad storm, which would make one think of purchasing that product again. Corvettes are not cheap and neither are the accessories that are sold to accompany them. You want to make sure you are getting what you paid for and it’s durable. 

Is It Easy To Use?

Corvettes are fast cars and we live in a fast-paced world. Who has the time to be fussing with a cover when your companion is putting out the nice picnic lunch they packed for your excursion to the beach? No one, that’s who. 

How Much Protection Does It Offer?

KAKIT Waterproof Car Cover for 2014-2019 C7 Stingray, Custom Fit C7 Cover No Faded UV Resistant for Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 Z06 Outdoor/Indoor (Red & Black Combo)

When you are out and about it makes sense that you might want a cover that takes a few minutes to put on your corvette. But, if you are a person who plans on putting this vette on your drive or in the street then you want to be sure it offers as much protection as possible since your car will be exposed to everything at all times. 

It has been proven that bird droppings can have “serious implications – for your paintwork” and we are sure you didn’t spend sticker price only to have  Consider the typical weather patterns in your area and go from there. 

Top 5 Best Corvette Car Covers

Now that you know what to look for here are our picks for the best covers you can use for your corvette. 

1. Platinum Shield Car Cover

Platinum Shield Car Cover For 2020 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Reflective polyester
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Protects from all weathers including hail

Our first choice is designed by our friends at and, of all their choices, this one has the highest level of protection. The reflective polyester allows the cover to shed water fast like drops off the back of a duck. Your corvette will be safe from UV rays, which will save your paint job but also keep the interior of your vette cool. 

It offers protection from bird droppings, acid rain, sap, dust, dirt, and other natural pollutants. The synthetic fabric is resistant to mold, rot, and mildew. There will be no leakage with this cover since the seams are double stitched for extra durability. The front and rear are fitted with elastic to secure it in place, along the lines of a fitted sheet for the bed, which is a classic design. 

Reinforced grommets were added to the sides of the covers so you can use the included cable and lock secure it from theft  It weighs ten pounds and comes in reflective silver. Of all the covers offered by it is the only one that protects from hail, which can be an issue in any area of the world but tends to be more likely when the air is “warm, moist, and stormy.” 


  • Custom sizes for year/make/model
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with an anti-theft device
  • Offers hail protection


  • Pricey

2. Xtrashield Custom Fit C7 2014-2017 Chevy Corvette Car Cover

Xtrashield Custom Fit C7 2014-2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51/Z06/Grand Sport Car Cover Black Covers
  • Custom-fit for 2014-2017
  • Water-resistant
  • Grommets for cable lock set

Our next cover is limited to owners of specific corvettes. Explicitly, this cover works with 2014-2017 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51/Z06/Grand Sport. If your car falls outside of these restrictions we suggest you move on to another cover. 

This cover only comes in black and it is one-size-fits-all, which isn’t a bad thing because we never know when we might sell one vette and purchase another. The protection from hazards like UV rays, dust, and bird droppings you will get from this cover is strong. It is water-resistant but it is also breathable and not exactly waterproof. 

The Xtrashield also comes with grommets on either side so you can apply a cable lock set to protect your cover from theft although the cable and lock set is not included. There are pockets on either side for your mirrors so the cover can fit snugly over your coupe. 


  • Strong protection from UV rays, dust, and bird droppings
  • Grommets for lock and cable set
  • Lightweight


  • No warranty
  • Does not protect from severe weather
  • Is not waterproof

3. Indoor Black Satin Shield Car Cover For Corvette

Indoor Black Satin Shield Car Cover For 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
  • Is only for indoor storage
  • Softest material of all their options
  • Excellent dust protection

This option is for those people who have a garage and are more concerned with the amount of dust that will cake up on their corvette. You might have a 1961 convertible and only take it out on special occasions. This is fine but we all know what an unwanted layer of dust can do to that beautiful paint job. You don’t know? 

Dust can kill the shine on your body fast if it isn’t taken care of. There are wonderful ways to remove dust from your car but, if you don’t have a showroom like Jay Leno then it would be an extra layer of protection from that luster killing dust to put a nice softcover over your corvette. 

It’s double stitched which gives it wonderful durability and it has elastic in the front and reads them so the cover will fit over your car perfectly. This cover also comes with a ten year limited warranty. It weighs only eight pounds which makes storage simple. 


  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Soft on the paint


  • Can only be used indoors
  • Offers the least protection

4. KAKIT Waterproof Car Cover for 2014-2019 C7 Stingray

KAKIT Waterproof Car Cover for 2014-2019 C7 Stingray, Custom Fit C7 Cover No Faded UV Resistant for Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 Z06 Outdoor/Indoor (Red & Black Combo)
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Custom-fit

Next, we have a colorful option, which we haven’t seen yet. This KAKIT cover is custom fit and designed specifically for C7 2014-2019 Chevy Stingray Z51/Z06/Grand Sport, which is the same as the one above. While there are definitive boundaries, those who own those cars might find the soft cotton interior attractive and doesn’t shed on your car. 

Not only will the cotton save your car from scratching when you put the cover on, the materials used are a heavy weave of Oxford Cloth, which is durable and fade resistant. It will protect your vehicle from UV rays and it is also waterproof. It is difficult to tear or rip the material and can take intense water pressure during those stormy days. 

The design is unique compared to what we’ve seen thus far coming in a two-tone of red and black with fewer seams to give it a first-rate appearance. It comes with a free storage bag, a free replacement policy, and a one-year limited warranty. 


  • Colorful
  • Heavy weave for durability
  • Fade-resistant
  • 1-year warranty and free replacement policy


  • No anti-theft grommets
  • Only comes in the one color

5. Deluxe Shield Cover

  • Protects vehicle from rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, and other dirt
  • Chemically treated for UV stability
  • 5-year limited warranty

Our last cover is also from This one is for the outside and might not offer the same protection as their Platinum cover but that one is perfect for people who have no garage. This product is somewhere in between that one and the indoor-only version.

Water will not penetrate this cover and the seams are secure from their ultrasonic welding. The cover is breathable because it has a microporous film. It will resist mildew and rotting from wetness. Elastic bands were placed in the front and rear for a snug fit. It also comes with reinforced grommets but no lock and cable set. gives wonderful warranties for their products, which is why they have been chosen for so many slots on this list. Another reason to choose them is because their covers are available for every corvette model and year. 


  • Lightweight
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Easy to put on and take off 


  • Pricey


Of all the products we’ve reviewed, these are the best covers to keep that corvette of your looking pristine at all times. This is the reason we own beautiful cars. While corvettes are fun to race on the highway due to the superior horsepower under the hood, if the exterior looks shabby the ride might be a little less sweet. 

If you enjoyed this piece please let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to share it with your corvette loving friends.