Best Jeep Accessories

Jeeps are popular SUVs because they’re sporty and fun while maintaining real world reliability. For example, they’re versatile so you can take them off road and expect durability while also offering a nice, comfortable, quiet ride while on road. They’re spacious, with lots of cargo room and plenty of seats to pack full of people, making them great for a road trip. They have a number of extra features inside for entertainment and relaxed driving and safety, including things like a premium 7 speaker stereo and cruise control.

In addition, the safety features are well received, including dual front airbags, tether anchors for child seats, and more. There are even elements that assist with the insanely tough towing capacity, such as Trailer Sway Control. Maintenance is simple and easy to access, with affordable parts. In fact, a number of Jeep accessories are incredibly affordable and add to the fun and function of the Jeep. A lot of people enjoy customizing their Jeep and opt for several different accessories. How do you know which ones are useful for you?

Here’s A Quick Look of Our Top 9 Best Jeep Accessories

What to Look for in Jeep Accessories

Best Jeep Accessories - Black and white jeep on a rocky hills.

As you think about accessories for your Jeep, you should think about what sort of accessories could be useful. Many accessories add to the performance, handling, or other abilities you have with your Jeep. If you’re not choosing something that enhances performance, maybe you’ll be looking for something that enhances the appearance. Additional reasons to choose an accessory is simply to add to the enjoyment of the vehicle. If you’re planning an off road trip with your Jeep, many of these accessories will help make that experience even better. If you’re in the backcountry and need some outdoor cooking ideas, visit our friends at

Make sure, when you decide on a type of accessory, you do some research and comparison. For example, if you’re looking at various grilles, you want to assure that the grille fits your specific model, is made of quality material, and is reasonably priced. All of these things can weigh into your decision, aside from the general aesthetic value.

Top 9 Best Jeep Accessories

If you’re still considering the various possibilities and what might work for you, here are some initial ideas for what we’ve found to be the best Jeep accessories available today.

1. Bolton Premiere Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake
  • Tube Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Air Filter Material: Synthetic
  • Product Fit: Direct Fit
  • Warranty: 1 year unlimited mileage warranty

Bolton Premiere Cold Air Intake is a well-constructed option to improve your engine’s performance. Cold air intake moves the air filter outside, so cooler air that is richer in oxygen is pulled into the engine’s combustion chamber for extra power. With the Bolton intake, you get a stylish design that looks great on your Jeep while also remaining sturdy and durable. The anodized aluminum tube provides trustworthy performance, with all necessary hardware included with the purchase so installation is easy, meaning you don’t necessarily need professional assistance to do it. Due to California Emissions Standards, this product is not available for residents of the state, but it is legal for all 49 other states.

Included in purchase:

  • 2 piece intake tube (with sensor hole)
  • Red air filter
  • 9 clamps
  • 3 black couplers
  • Adapter
  • Hardware


  • Improves engine performance and increases power
  • Offers a customized appearance to your Jeep
  • Easy to install and inexpensive to buy


  • Might not fit all Jeep models
  • Not allowed in California

2. K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake

K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake - Oiled
  • Tube Material: Aluminum
  • Air Filter Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Product Fit: Direct Fit
  • Warranty: Million mile limited warranty

K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake consists of an upgraded metal tube with an extra-large washable high flow air filter that can be reused over and over, requiring cleaning only every 100,000 miles. This makes it one of the simplest systems available, as you have almost no maintenance over the lifetime of your cold air intake. Because of the impeccable construction, you get the coolest air possible flowing into your engine’s combustion chamber, getting you the most possible horsepower naturally from your engine. This particular system was designed specifically for use with SUVs, meaning it caters to the way your Jeep runs. Best of all, installation is quick and easy, typically taking less than 90 minutes to complete.

Included in purchase:

  • Intake tube
  • Washable reusable air filter
  • Steel brackets
  • Hardware


  • Washable and reusable air filter that only needs to be cleaned every 100,000 miles
  • Million mile warranty – you’ll replace your Jeep before the system wears out
  • Specifically designed for trucks and SUVs


  • A little more costly than some other brands

3.Replacement Round Fog Light Assembly

Fog Light Assembly - Driver and Passenger Side
  • Location: Front Driver & Passenger Side
  • Light Shape: Round
  • Assembly: Set of 2 with Bulbs
  • Warranty: 1 year unlimited mileage warranty

The Replacement Round Fog Light Assembly is more about necessity than enjoyment. With the ruggedness of the Jeep and various situations you may find yourself in, it’s entirely possible you may lose a fog light. This kit allows you to replace the Original Equipment (OE) with something that fits like a glove. Made to the same specifications as the original fog lights, these round replacements give you a high-grade material replacement with bright lights (bulbs are included) at a very affordable price. They have the same stylish appeal that you got originally, and they fit your front driver and passenger fog lights.

Also see our recommended Wrangler Halo lights.


  • Easy drop-in replacement of OE
  • High grade construction for durability
  • Affordably priced


  • Only fits as replacement for original round fog lights

4. Replacement Rectangular Fog Light Assembly

Fog Light Assembly - Driver and Passenger Side
  • Location: Front Driver & Passenger Side
  • Light Shape: Rectangular
  • Assembly: Set of 2 with Bulbs
  • Warranty: 1 year unlimited mileage warranty

The Replacement Rectangular Fog Light Assembly offers the same easy, durable replacement of fog lights as their round counterparts, listed above, designed to replace original equipment (OE) that is rectangular. Most of the time, these are older model Jeeps, which means you may have customized your ride. But original fog lights are aesthetically appealing, and these allow you to quickly and inexpensively replace a broken or worn assembly so you aren’t investing a lot of money in necessities and can save more for other, more exciting customization. Expect durability with strong materials and easy installation of the entire assembly, with bright bulbs included.


  • Easy drop in replacement of OE
  • High grade construction for durability
  • Affordably priced


  • Only fits as replacement for original rectangular fog lights

5. Westin 47-2100 Electric Winch

Winch - Electric, 9500 lbs., Steel, Direct Fit
  • Pull Rating: 9500 pounds
  • Line Length: 96 inches
  • Horsepower: 6.6
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 4 bolt
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

The Westin 47-2100 Electric Winch is great for rescuing a friend in almost any situation, making your Jeep even more reliable and ready to work. This particular winch has a motor with high horsepower, so you get incredible force for even the worst situation, with a pull rating of 9500 pounds so you can haul almost any beast out of its hole. The handheld remote control makes operation even easier, and it has a steel cable for absolute security. Other ideal features include the mechanical brake and the 3-stage planetary gear train. In addition, the fairlead is 4-way aluminum, so the overall construction makes it a very preferable option for what many Jeep owners consider a must have before they take their Jeep off road.


  • Convenient operation with handheld remote
  • High capacity and horsepower for incredible load bearing
  • Reasonably priced for the power and reliability


  • While the line is fairly long, it is limited at only 7 feet

6. Mile Marker 76-50251BW Electric Winch

Winch - Electric, 12000 lbs., Steel, Direct Fit
  • Pull Rating: 12,000 pounds
  • Line Length: 100 feet
  • Horsepower: 4.8
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern: 4 bolt
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty (1 year limited motor warranty)

The Mile Marker 76-50251BW Electric Winch is configured for more utility as well as more fun for SUVs and trucks when off roading. Feel confident in recovering your own Jeep or someone else’s vehicle with extreme pull capacity and incredible horsepower, combined with a super long line that can reach just about anywhere. This winch, while electric, is also waterproof, mudproof, and snow proof, with each roller coated with a world class metal coating known to be anti-corrosive. It also has a submersible solenoid with marine grade connections. This winch is virtually indestructible and easy to operate with the remote control. You can choose a steel or synthetic cable, and you get up to 12,000 pounds of pull capacity.


  • Winch is submersible, as well as waterproof and mud proof for long lasting durability
  • High pull capacity with great engine horsepower
  • Extremely long line that reaches 100 feet so you’re prepared for any situation


  • A little costly, especially if you’re not an adventurer or off-road enthusiast

7. Westin HDX Drop Step BPS Running Boards

Westin HDX Drop Step BPS Running Boards - Black, Set of 2
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

Westin HDX Drop Step BPS Running Boards add style and practicality to your Jeep, allowing you to more easily access seating. While Jeeps can be enjoyable, sometimes it’s difficult to get into a lifted Jeep due to knee problems or lack of sufficient height. With the drop step on these running boards, you can get in more easily and have a great, rugged but high-end look to your Jeep. The steps are non slip die stamped steel, while the boards themselves are coated in a rustproof textured black powder finish.

These properties keep them more durable through all weather and elements and make them easier to clean. The step plates are removable for more intense cleaning, and the rest of the running board is solidly constructed in a single piece. They fit tight to rocker panels for added security and ease of installation, especially with the specific mount kit customized to your Jeep model and all the installation hardware included with easy to follow directions.


  • Solid single piece construction
  • Protected against damage from the elements and easy to clean
  • Custom mount kits to fit your specific vehicle


  • Fairly expensive option for customization

8. Dee Zee NXc Running Boards

Dee Zee NXc Running Boards - Powdercoated Black, Set of 2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Powder coated black
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Dee Zee NXc Running Boards are an affordable solution to the need for customized accessories for your Jeep, with great quality construction and stylish looks that are incredibly appealing. These grommeted running boards come in three styles, so you can choose the one you like the best for your particular design and application. These running boards provide ample foot space, with a five-inch step area that has rubber grommets for overall traction, aiding in your personal safety even if you’ve been trudging through the mud or ice yourself.

It’s also an ideal situation for smaller feet, so they are safer for your children. They offer a universal fit that can work with almost any truck or SUV, measuring 71.5 inches long and coming with custom fit mounting braces. Choose from black on black, black with chrome trim, or stainless steel with black trim to suit your taste.


  • Slip resistant rubber grommets on the step area
  • Universal fit with customized mounting kits
  • Choice of three different styles
  • Lower price than many competitors


  • None

9. Bestop Powerboard NX Running Boards

Bestop Powerboard NX Running Boards - Powdercoated Black, Set of 2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Powder coated black
  • Warranty: 3 year or 100,000-mile limited warranty

Bestop Powerboard NX Running Boards aren’t just stylish and helpful when you’ve added a lift kit to your Jeep and made it more difficult to access from the ground. They’re also technologically advanced, retractable so that they aren’t exposed unless in use. When you open the door, they pop down into place and fold back up when you’ve closed the doors to your Jeep.

 They’re designed to be convenient without affecting your overall ground clearance and making driving more difficult, even without a lift kit in place. When you order your running boards, you get them customized to fit your Jeep year and model, and they’re designed for a sleek fit that is flush when retracted, while looking mean and stylish when in play. Wi-fi technology makes for easy installation without even opening up your Jeep, and weatherproof properties with safe operation design are ideal.


  • High tech retractable design for sleek look without ground clearance interference
  • Fit specifically to your vehicle year, make, and model
  • Easy installation with wi-fi technology


  • Highly expensive due to technology and design


Having a Jeep not only gives you a reliable, well-constructed ride that maintains dignity and smooth, luxurious comfort in town; it also offers you the ability to have a great deal of fun and power out of town and off roading. You have incredible opportunities to accessorize, with both useful and fun options that can look great and be helpful as well. Choosing the best Jeep accessories depends on what you’re looking to do in the long run and what you’re willing to spend on it. The sky’s the limit, all things considered.

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