The Best and Biggest Tires on Stock JK

Investing in the right tires for your vehicle is important not just for your own safety and that of the other passengers, but it also helps ensure that you have a smooth ride. If you’re new to this whole automotive thing, you might not be sure how to pick the right tires for your car or a particular situation, but we’re here to shed some light on the situation, so let’s explore some of that general tire knowledge and then focus on some quality big tires for a stock JK.

Here’s A Quick Look of Our 4 Best Big Tires for a Stock JK

Different Types of Tires

There are different ways to classify tires, so let’s look at the three most common classifications and the categories they include, so that you can become more familiar with different tire-related terms of easier shopping.

Tires on Stock JK

1. Tires for Passenger Touring Vehicles

The tires that fall into this particular category are focused on delivering smooth rides and a long-lasting tread life. You are likely to encounter:

  • All-season tires designed for touring vehicles, which deliver a comfortable riding experience together with ease of driving on highways. They typically have symmetrical tread patterns that offer a good grip on wet roads.
  • Touring tires are focused on delivering all-season traction. Compared to all-season touring tires, they have higher speed ratings and are generally characterized by asymmetrical tread pattern.
  • Performance tires are easily recognized due to their lateral grooves and larger circumference, making them suitable for wet weather conditions. Their treat compounds are normally silica-enriched with dense siping, so they can perform well in multiple weather conditions.
  • Summer tires will normally get the job done during wet and dry seasons alike. However, they don’t perform well as a replacement for all-season tires, as they are way more efficient in warm weather. They are characterized by hydroplaning resistance provided by adequate circumferential grooves and have solid contact patches.
  • Track and competition tires are strikingly similar to street performance tires meaning they are focused on performance above all else. They aren’t commonly used for day-to-day driving and, in dry road conditions, they will offer constant road contact. They are typically designed with sidewall reinforcements and high-tech bodies.

2. Tires for Trucks and SUVs

MOSCOW-SEPTEMBER 6: Honda CR-V at the Moscow International Automobile Salon on September 6,2012 in Moscow

There is actually a surprising amount of different types of tires available from drivers that own trucks and SUVs, with some of them focused on delivering a smoother driving experience, and others capable of taking on rough roads. When looking for tires for your truck or SUV, here are the categories you can expect to come across:

  • Highway tires are designed for heavier loads and come with all-season tread patterns. They are perfectly suitable for driving comfortably on pavements and are characterized by tread patterns that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • All-terrain tires are characterized by the aggressive tread pattern they carry, being a suitable choice for drivers that have to tackle off-road challenges. They provide good traction on muddy, sandy, or gravel-filled terrain. Through it all, they offer good stability and they also have a rugged and aggressive look that some drivers really enjoy.
  • Mud-terrain tires have more voids and large tread blocks, making them very aggressive. That means that they are capable of handling the job on soft terrains, especially sand and deep mud. The sidewall features are capable of providing a good amount of traction in soft terrain.  The sidewalls are commonly reinforced to be more resistant against puncture and other types of potential tire damage.
  • All-purpose tires are one level above highway tires in terms of ruggedness. They don’t have that many sipes and feature tread patterns with overlapping blocks that perform decently well in loose road conditions.
  • Ribbed tires are designed to last for long periods of time and are the best choice for highways. Thanks to the solid rib tread design, they offer great stability even when we’re talking about heavier loads. Their wet traction is almost impeccable and they are often preferred by commercial vehicles.

3. Specialty Tires

This category of tires classifies them depending on the type of vehicle they will be used on, with focus on something less common than a car or an SUV. These tires usually include:

Red SUV car with a suspension lift
  • Trailer tires, which have radial ply or bias ply constructions. The latter category is suitable for carrying more weight while having a pretty long lifespan, but they tend to suffer more from wear and tear. Radial ply tires, on the other hand, are a better choice for highway driving because they are designed to provide you with a more comfortable driving experience.
  • ATV and UTV tires come with large tread blocks that make them efficient in terms of traction on muddy, rocky, or sandy terrain. If you want to benefit from more tire usage, look for models with aggressive tread patterns.
  • Lawn and garden tires are suitable for a variety of different such pieces of equipment, including golf carts, wheelbarrows, or handtrucks.


What is the largest tire you can run on a stock JK?

A stock JK can run with tires of a maximum 33×10. There are people who choose to use their stock JK with 33×11 tires, but they will most likely begin to experience problems with their tires contacting suspension components. Running 33×10 tires won’t make a big difference for people driving their Wrangles on the road, but they will change the experience of off-roaders.

What size tires can you fit on a stock JK?

There are different tires sizes that are available depending on what Wrangler model you purchase. These sizes include 255/75R17 (32″x10″), 225/75R16 (29″x9″) and 255/70R18 (32″x10″), and they are available for models such as the Sport, the Sahara, the Rubicon, etc.

What does stock Jeep mean?

A stock jeep is a jeep without any modification, which means that it’s kept in the same condition as it went when it came off the assembly line.

2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Seen at the 2006 Detroit auto show. Many more cars in my gallery.

Top 4 Big Tires for a Stock JK

It’s time to move on to some actual product examples as we navigate through a list of the best and biggest tires that are compatible with a stock JK.

1. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684II Highway Terrain SUV Tire

Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684II Highway Terrain SUV Tire P255/70R18 112 T (55106)
  • Size: P255/70R18
  • Section width: 255 Millimeters
  • Load capacity: 2469 Pounds

Bridgestone is a champion when it comes to tires, being one of the top 5 global brands that serves the entire world with quality tires you can rely on. Now, we’re looking at a P255/70R18 tire that’s compatible with stock JKs. It has a rim width of 7.54 inches and a load capacity of 2469 Pounds. It is designed with solid shoulder ribs to withstand long periods of time subjected to normal wear and tear.

The grooves have notches that have been added to help with snow traction so that you can handle multiple weather situations without losing control of your Wrangler. The spiral wrap is here to make sure that you can maintain a constant high speed with maximum control over the car, while the rounded casing profile delivers a comfortable driving experience along the way.


  • Smooth ride.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Good snow traction.


  • They don’t offer such a long mileage.

2. Michelin LTX M/S2 All-Season Radial Tire

Michelin LTX M/S2 All-Season Radial Tire - 255/70R18 112T
  • Size: 255/70R18
  • Section width: 255 Millimeters
  • Load capacity: 2245 Pounds

Coming in hard with a load capacity of 2245 Pounds and delivering a quality as only a brand like Michelin could, this is another 255/70R18 tire that’s compatible with a stock Wrangler. It is designed with what Michelin called MaxTouch: a construction that makes sure the tire is in as much contact with the road as possible, offering even distribution of acceleration forces, with precise braking. The tread design is improved to offer you more grip on roads covered with snow, and the special rubber compounds will ensure shorter stops with more control in your hands.


  • Good snow traction.
  • Precise braking.
  • Even distribution of acceleration torque.


  • Multiple tire orders are not shipped together.

3. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire - 255/70R18 113T
  • Size: 255/70R18
  • Section width: 255 Millimeters
  • Load capacity: 2535 Pounds

These Falken Wildpeak tires are another example of how easy it is to find big tires for your stock JK. This particular example features all-terrain tires that can handle multiple weather conditions and have a bunch of features that are worth mentioning. Thanks to the heat diffuser technology, the internal heat of the tires is evenly distributed to make sure components are kept safe from high temperatures.

The tires use the 3D Canyon sipe technology to make sure that intense torque does not impact the tire’s surface too much in terms of wear and tear. The rigid tread blocks offer increased vehicle stability on rough terrain, but they also prevent small stones from getting stuck in the surface of the tire.


  • Offers vehicle stability.
  • Heat dissipation features.
  • Offers off-road traction.


  • Difficult to balance.

4. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial - 255/75R17 115S
  • Size: 255/75R17
  • Section width: 255 Millimeters
  • Load capacity: 2679 Pounds

Goodyear is considered by many car owners to be the best tire manufacturer around. The DuraTrac Radial tires we’re looking at right now are designed to provide commercial traction for normal roads and off-road experiences alike. They are multi-purpose tires that offer a rugged tread compound for those of you that want to carry heavy loads with the ability to rely on tires that are resistant to wear and tear. They use Goodyear’s TractiveGroove Technology to provide a good experience when driving on snow and mud, while the self-cleaning treads are excellent for off-road adventures. These tires work really well with commercial and sport utility vehicles.


  • Good off-road traction.
  • Self-cleaning tread.
  • Support heavy loads.


  • Relatively expensive (compared to similar tires).

Bottom Line

There are different types of tires available on the market, and knowing which ones to choose for your vehicle can make or break the deal. Changing the tires on your stock JK is pretty much mandatory if you want the jeep to be able to handle off-road terrain, so the information and products we listed today are worth considering if you’re looking for a challenge further away from the highway.

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