General Altimax RT43 Review

Finding a reliable tire can be difficult. As you start shopping around, you’ll find a wide variety of types, a huge range of prices, and dozens of reviews that may be conflicting, depending on what a particular user expects from the tire. Taking an objective look at what there is to like about a particular tire as well as where it may be lacking can really help you determine if it meets your needs.

Here, we’re going to take a look at one particular tire that people are curious about, giving you a better look at the General Altimax RT43, so you can learn more about how it might or might not benefit you.


Note that specifications may vary slightly by tire size and use. However, these are basics for the General Altimax RT43 tire.

General Altimax RT43 Tires

Tire Specifications (General)

  • Max Pressure: 44 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 11/32 inches
  •  Treadlife warranty: 6 years/75,000 miles (T rated), 6 years/65,000 miles (H & V rated)
  • Prices: $66 and up

The General Altimax RT43 has received a lot of positive attention. Having replaced the original Altimax RT in 2013, it’s been around long enough to get a solid idea of overall performance, features, and where it thrives. This is an all-season tire, designed with traction and overall year-round handling in mind, with a focus on providing a comfortable ride throughout the life of the tire and extending that life with longer and even tread wear. The tire is meant for coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers. It may also work well for compact SUVs. Since the new tire was released, it has been upgraded to provide better grip in wet weather, so you get even more reliability in almost any climate.

All tires have a speed rating, and these have a T-rating, which is fairly common and means they are rated for speeds up to 120 miles per hour. There are options for H & V ratings, which offer additionally higher speed ratings, but in general, the T rating is sufficient for the average driver.

From an objective point of view, this tire seems to be designed with care and achieves reliability as expected, with a broad range of sizes available to a variety of vehicles.


  • Include a visual alignment indicator so you know easily if tires are misaligned
  • Replacement tire monitor for easy identification of low tread
  • Wider footprint offers greater overall traction and more even tread wear
  • Acoustic modulation to suppress noise and vibration for a smooth, quiet ride
  • Higher sipe density than its predecessor for more biting edges
  • Easily affordable and high quality for the price
  • Long tread life warranty (75,000 miles)


  • Lackluster appeal to those who are spirited drivers and want something fun
  • Some reports of tires feeling too soft or ‘mushy’

Ideally suited for:

Jeep Grand Cherokee in an open field.
  • Acura RSX
  • Chrysler 300, Sebring, PT Cruiser
  • Chevrolet Malibu, Cruze, Cavalier, Astro, Impala, Equinox
  • Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, Avenger, Caliber
  • Ford Focus, Mustang, Escort, Ranger, Taurus, Escape
  • Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V
  • Jeep Patriot, Liberty, Grand Cherokee
  • Kia Optima, Soul, Spectra
  • Lexus LS400
  • Mazda 3,5,6
  • Nissan Altima, Sentra, Versa, Frontier
  • Pontiac Grand Prix, G6
  • Saturn Aura, SC2, L200
  • Scion xA
  • Toyota Camry, Corolla, Supra, Sienna
  • Volkswagen Passat, Golf, Jetta

What Drivers Like

For the most part, the General Altimax RT43 rates well with drivers in a broad variety of areas. Not the least among these is the fact that they have an incredibly long tread life, with even wear and a stellar warranty. Part of this is due to the use of a high-density top compound in the tread, which gives you a sturdier, thicker outer portion that reduces overall tread wear and keeps it even. This is enhanced with a symmetrical tread pattern that wears more evenly and is simpler to rotate properly.

In addition, there are reports of an incredible smooth and quiet ride throughout the life of the tire. This is provided by a second layer of tread beneath the first that is lower density, creating a foundation that is made to absorb vibration and sound waves. This lowers perceived discomfort within the vehicle, so you have a luxurious ride, regardless of where you’re driving or in what conditions.

General Altimax RT43 Tire in black background.

Consumers are pleased with performance as an all season tire, reporting that the biting edges truly increase traction in light snow and even some icy and slushy conditions, keeping their vehicles on heading and engaged with road contact so you don’t get slipping and sliding. In addition, hydroplaning reduction is ideal. Most users report that these tires do an excellent job of displacing standing water and cutting through to maintain ideal traction even in heavy rainstorms.

A feature that isn’t necessarily common among the average all season tire that has been incorporated into the General Altimax RT43 is low surface abrasion technology construction. This reduces the distortion of the tread while the tire is rolling, which results in less chance of abrasion or damage to the tread overall. This increases durability, treadlife, and even tread wear. It also keeps you more stable on the road and helps to keep that ride more comfortable, even when you’re on back roads that aren’t as smooth to drive.


If you’re looking for an all season tire for a sedan, coupe, crossover, compact SUV, or minivan that gives you reliable performance in all seasons while maintaining long tread life and great steering responsiveness and performance, the General Altimax RT43 is a great option. It’s well priced for the features it provides, and as an all-season tire, it offers some of the best inclement weather performance you’ll find. It’s a quiet ride, and if you rotate them properly, you’ll get great even tread wear, too. The long warranty, even on higher speed ratings, gives plenty of reassurance for any driver, and the price point is achievable for almost any buyer, even on a budget. While those who are more spirited in their driving might seek a higher performance tire, this is a perfect choice for almost anyone on the road today.

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