What Size Lift Should I Consider for my Silverado With 33 inch Tires?

Applying a lift kit to your truck doesn’t have to create a monster truck-esque effect (unless that is the look you are going for). There are actually quite a few practical lift kit applications you may already have in mind, but are struggling to figure which size lift is best for your needs, especially if you already have your eye on an oversized, 33 inch tire. 

Make sure you consider both the reasons why lifting your truck’s suspension is necessary and desirable, as well as the pros and cons of such a step. Various size kits can provide differing looks and uses, so first take into account exactly what you need in order to narrow down your choices. 

Reasons to Lift Your Truck’s Suspension

There are quite a few practical reasons to lift your truck. Many people purchase a truck due the power many of them have for hauling, as well as being able to move more easily over rough terrain. 


NEW YORK, NY, USA - APRIL 17, 2019: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado at the New York International Auto Show 2019, at the Jacob Javits Center. This was Press Preview Day One of NYIAS

If you are only looking for appearance, you may want to consider the change in mileage that will occur in lifting and adding a larger tire. Plus, the center of gravity will be higher, and will make the handling of the truck less sensitive. You also might void the warranty, so be sure to check with your warranty details. 

Increase Ground Clearance

The main reason people choose to lift their vehicle is to provide added ground clearance to the body, frame and differentials. For trucks moving on and off construction sites, and regular access into areas that have unimproved roads, this can be helpful and provide protection to the undercarriage. This also provides the ability to go offroad. 

Offroading Purposes

Offroading monster truck in the forest.

If you like to go offroading, drive into areas that are not well maintained, or prefer to head into the wilderness, a lifted vehicle provides a greater visual of what’s in front of you,  breakover, approach, and widens your departure area to avoid damaging the truck. You also won’t feel rough areas as much while driving. This can also help in areas that receive high snowfalls. 

Towing Heavy Loads

If you regularly haul heavy loads, you will have much more room for the truck to settle before the load bottoms out. This can be extremely helpful as long as you are aware that you will most likely have to invest in an adjustable ball and hitch to accommodate the added height. 

Lift Methods

DUBAI, UAE - DEC 13: Chevy Silverado Vortec Pickup truck in Dubai City. December 13, 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You have two lift methods to consider: A suspension or a body lift, either of which can be done on its own, or combined. A suspension lift pushes the wheels down from the frame. The allows you to lift just about as high as you want to go, but does come with added parts costs due to the change in measurements. 

Body lifts are practical to accommodate larger tires, such as a 33 inch tire, without having to deal with suspension alignment nagle changes. These generally come in 1 to 3 inch options and include everything you need in one kit without having to add extra parts. These are often the most popular to provide the added ground clearance without altering the feel of the truck too drastically. 

Lift Sizes to Consider for a 33 inch Tire

The issue with a 33 inch tire is that you want to make sure you lift it high enough to avoid tire rub. Altogether you will want about a 3.5 inch to 5 inches of clearance for a 33 inch tire in order for it to look like it fits well without making the tire look too small. This gives you quite a few options depending on your budget. 

Red SUV car with a suspension lift

Keep in mind a suspension lift will end up costing more than a body lift due to the need for added parts to accommodate longer shock absorbers and components for alignment angles and brake line length. But combo kits are a popular trending choice for lifting a Silverado and offer a great looking option through various manufacturers. 

A 3.5 inch lift is by far the most popular option as it offers great clearance to avoid fender rub, allows for daily driving practicality, and is usable for easy in and out with a running board. Lower, and you may run the risk of causing rub, especially when in reverse without a fender modification. Although you can definitely go higher, anything over 5 inches will make a 33 inch tire look puny, and you might want to consider a larger tire. 


If you have decided to lift your Silverado to accommodate a 33 inch tire, consider a 3.5 inch option for day to day practicality and added ground clearance without worrying about unwanted rub. But if you want to go bigger, by all means, have a great time doing so. Just be aware that anything taller than 5 inches would look better with a bigger tire as well. You also will need to consider the cost of added parts to accommodate the size change. 

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